Seminars and Training

NeuralNet Interactive offers a series of free seminars to get you going with your new Mac or iPad, as well as One-on-One Training Sessions that help you do what you want with your Apple device.

Please be aware of rate changes taking effect February 1st, 2016 to our seminars. Seminars will be $14.95.


Book a One-on-One session today! Get all of the help you need. Whether you're learning how to use your Mac or iPad for a first time or you need help with a project, we can get you on the right track. Here are some ways a One-on-One can help you:
Learn the basics to get started on your Mac or iPad
Learning more about syncing your devices and iCloud
Get help in a specific app like iMovie, iPhoto, or Numbers
Learn how your Mac or iPad can make your projects even easier


RSVP to a seminar! Join Brain Ranger David for a tour of your Mac or iPad. Get started with confidence by coming out to a seminar that provides a simple, detailed overview.

Our seminars are free for NeuralNet customers. If you've bought your Mac or iPad from NeuralNet Interactive, then you'll be able to attend any of the seminars at no cost.
Are you interested in a seminar, but didn't buy your Mac or iPad from NeuralNet? Never fear! Our seminars are only $14.95 to attend, and then you'll be caught up on your Mac or iPad in no time!

Brain Ranger David has been providing seminars for NeuralNet for over three years, and is always improving and shaping the seminars to be the best they can be. Attendees enter a fun, interactive, and helpful environment to learn about their new Mac or iPad, and a few tips and tricks along the way. RSVP via email to

Training Rates

In-Store One-on-One: $89.95/hr


On-Site Training : $119.95/hr

Seminar Rates

Free When you buy your device at NeuralNet

$14.95 : Regular rate per seminar


Seminar Schedule