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Repair Rates

iOS Diagnostic : $29.95

Mac Diagnostic : $49.95


In-Store Hourly Rate : $89.95/hr

On-Site Hourly Rate : $119.95/hr

Server-Related Service : $149.95/hr


At-the-counter service : $29.95-$89.95

Spruce Up My Mac

Cedar Package : $69.95

Mahogany Package : $99.95

Consultation, 20 min: $40.00

Consultation, 40 min: $75.00

Clean Out (internal cleaning, portable) : $20.00

Clean Out (internal cleaning, iMac) : from $50.00

Special Services

Liquid Damage Diagnostic : $99.95

Adware/Malware Checkup : $49.95

Mac OS Install : $49.95


Mac to Mac Data Transfer : $49.95*

*Data transfers from machines running OSX 10.6 or earlier are subject to additional charges. Machines must be in working condition or additional charges may apply.

PC to Mac Data Transfer : $89.95**

**Covers 1.5 Hours of labour for PC to Mac Data Transfer. PCs must be in working condition or additional charges may apply.

Training Rates

In-Store One-on-One: $89.95/hr

On-Site Training : $109.95/hr

Service Department

NeuralNet Interactive is Saskatchewan's premier Authorized Apple Service Facility. For in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs, you can rest easy knowing that your computer is in the hands of Certified Apple Technicians.
NeuralNet Interactive provides service, support, and training for Apple products. We offer a number of services beyond standard repairs, including data transfers, one-on-one training sessions, and our Spruce Up Your Mac special which provides a full check-up on your machine and a special price for Time Machine backups.


We Service iPhones! We perform full service for warranty and out-of-warranty repairs on iPhone. AppleCare+ coverage, battery replacements, whole unit replacements, and more are all facilitated at NeuralNet Interactive. We do phone service by appointment.
Come prepared! Here's what you can do before bringing in your phone for service:
Perform a backup. To ensure you don't lose any data, backups can be done to iCloud or by connecting your phone to a computer and using iTunes.
Turn off Find My iPhone. This option is found in your iCloud Settings.

Set up an appointment for iPhone service. We now offer service appointments to ensure quick turnarounds and a great experience. Book your appointment today by visiting


Spruce Up Your Mac
Is your Mac not performing as well as you want? Need a bit of a cleanup? Worried you've got something slowing you down? Spruce Up Your Mac is a great way to get a full diagnostic check-up and get your Mac going strong!
Spruce Up Your Mac now comes in two great options!
Cedar Package : includes MRI, Storage Diagnostics, Malware/Adware Check.
Mahogany Package : Includes everything in Cedar plus virus scan, storage breakdown, and Time Machine Backup (if a backup drive is provided).
Consultation : Get a 20-40 minute consultation with your Spruce Up (must be booked by appointment).
Clean Out : Internal cleaning of your Mac. Note that additonal charges for adhesive strips may apply to certain iMac models.



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